Marc Steen

Marc Steen works as a senior research scientist at research and innovation organization TNO. He earned MSc, PDEng and PhD degrees in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He worked at Philips and KPN before joining TNO.

Marc's mission is to support organizations and companies to use technologies in ways that help to create a just society and to promote people's flourishing.
He aims to facilitate discussions on responsible innovation, especially on the ethics involved in developing and deploying big data, algorithms and AI.

He recently wrote several op-eds: Algorithms also make mistakes, Find the plugs of your robots and Use artificial intelligence to achieve societal goals.

He writes on several blogs:
Dear Engineer, everything you always wanted to know about ethics but were too busy to ask, to support fellow engineers in the cultivation of techno-moral virtues;
Exemplars of Technomoral Virtues

Responsible Data Innovation, to discuss, e.g., transparency and accountability of algorithms, and to share results from the VWData research programme;
Innovation for Wellbeing, to discuss Responsible Innovation, and to share results from the JERRI project, e.g., to provide tools for people workin in the industry.

He is an expert in: Human-Centred Design; Open Innovation; Science and Technology Studies; Responsible Innovation; and Applied Ethics. He is a coordinator of the Special Interest Group 'Responsible Innovation' of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) and of the Thematic Group 'Technology, Innovation & Design' of the Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA). You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, ResearchGate and Academia.

What you can do on this website:
• Go to one of my blogs, and engage in a dialogue
• You can find texts which I (co)authored
• There are news items and presentations
• And links to my favourite podcasts and videos

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