Blogs and dialogues

I am interested in the ways in which innovation and technology can contribute to creating a just society (e.g., freedom, fairness, democracy) and promoting people's flourishing (living meaningful and fulfilling lives). If you have similar interests, please feel free to contact me.

I write on several blogs:

Dear Engineer, everything you always wanted to know about ethics but were too busy to ask, to support fellow engineers in the cultivation of techno-moral virtues;
Exemplars of Technomoral Virtues

Responsible Data Innovation, to discuss, e.g., transparency and accountability of algorithms, and to share results from the VWData research programme;
Tranpsarency of Algorithms

Innovation for Wellbeing, to discuss Responsible Innovation, and to share results from the JERRI project, e.g., to provide tools for people working in the industry.
Societal and Ethical Impact Canvas