Innovation for Wellbeing .org

I am interested in the ways in which innovation and technology can contribute to people's well-being. I propose to (better) steer innovation or design projects towards promoting participation and empowerment, in order to enable people to live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. If you have similar interests, please feel free to contact me.

I started a blog on 'Innovation for Wellbeing'. The blog's overall aim is to help researchers, policy makers, developers and designers to (better) steer their projects towards promoting people's wellbeing and realizing positive and sustainable impact:

Definitions: of innovation, of wellbeing and of 'innovation for wellbeing'.
Context and ambition: my ambition to promote 'innovation for wellbeing' at TNO.
Wellbeing as an ultimate end: focusing projects on promoting people's wellbeing.
Collaborative innovation: organizing multi-stakeholder and iterative projects.
Scaling-up, for societal impact: involving partners and focusing on practical situations.

Responsible Data Innovation .org

In addition, I started a more specialized blog on 'Responsible Data Innovation'. The purpose of this blog is to support the people involved in developing and deploying Big Data applications, to take ethical and societal issues into account, as early as possible. E.g., by using methods from Responsible Research and Innovation or Value Sensitive Design.