Blogs and dialogues

I am interested in the ways in which innovation and technology can contribute to the creation of a just society (e.g., freedom, fairness, accountability) and people's flourishing (living meaningful and fulfilling lives). If you have similar interests, please feel free to contact me.

In November 2017, I started a blog 'Dear Engineer', in which I write about 'everything you always wanted to know about ethics but were too busy to ask'.
Here are some posts, written as Q&As:
Q. Why would I care about ethics?
Q. Ethics ... is that a science?
Q. How does ethics work?
Q. How can I use the Societal and Ethical Impact Canvas?
Q. What is the relationship between engineers' inner lives and their projects' effects on society?

I started a blog on Responsible Data Innovation, to support the people involved in developing and deploying Big Data applications, to take ethical and societal issues into account, as early as possible. E.g., by using methods from Value Sensitive Design.

In 2016, I wrote several posts on Innovation for Wellbeing:
Definitions: of innovation, of wellbeing and of 'innovation for wellbeing'.
Context and ambition: my ambition to promote 'innovation for wellbeing' at TNO.
Wellbeing as an ultimate end: focusing projects on promoting people's wellbeing.
Collaborative innovation: organizing multi-stakeholder and iterative projects.
Scaling-up, for societal impact: involving partners and focusing on practical situations.