Blogs and dialogues

I am interested in the ways in which innovation and technology can contribute to the creation of a just society (e.g., in terms of freedom, fairness, democracy) and people's flourishing (living meaningful and fulfilling lives). If you have similar interests, please feel free to contact me.

I write on several blogs:

Dear Engineer, everything you always wanted to know about ethics but were too busy to ask, to support fellow engineers in the cultivation of techno-moral virtues. Here are some posts, written as Q&As:
Q. Why would I care about ethics?
Q. Ethics ... is that a science?
Q. How does ethics work?

Responsible Data Innovation, to discuss, e.g., transparency and accountability of algorithms, and to share results from the VWData research programme;

Innovation for Wellbeing, to discuss Responsible Innovation, and to share results from the JERRI project, e.g., to provide tools for people working in the industry.