Marc Steen works as a senior research scientist at TNO, a research and technology organization in The Netherlands. He earned MSc, PDEng and PhD degrees in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. He worked at Philips and KPN before joining TNO. He is an expert in Human-Centred Design, Value-Sensitive Design, Responsible Innovation, and Applied Ethics of Technology and Innovation.

Marc's mission is to support organizations to use technologies in ways that help to create a just society and promote people's flourishing. He asks uneasy questions about technologies, especially about the ethics involved in the design and application of algorithms and artificial intelligence systems. He has published widely, both scholarly and popularly; e.g., he published several op-eds in Dutch newspapers--in English: Algorithms also make mistakes, Find the plugs of your robots and Use artificial intelligence to achieve societal goals.

Ethics for people who work in tech--book cover
Photo credit: Elodie Oudot on Unsplash.

His first book, Ethics for people who work in tech, will be published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press in October 2022. Please use discount code "EDM20", for 20% off, between 7 October and 30 November 2022. Marc can be found on various platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, Medium, ResearchGate, Academia, ORCiD and Scopus.

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Marc is a coordinator of the Special Interest Group 'Responsible Innovation' of the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) and of the Thematic Group 'Technology, Innovation & Design' of the Human Development & Capability Association (HDCA). He regularly reviews papers, e.g., for Science and Engineering Ethics, Techne, International Journal of Design, CoDesign, Sustainability, Journal of Human Development and Capabilities and R&D Management.

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