• November 2022: Launch of my book: Ethics for people who work in tech; followed by a series of presentations, publications, and podcast interviews--for those and more, please go to ethicsforpeoplwhoworkintech.com.

• 21-25 March 2022: participated in the Lorentz Workshop Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Making: A Domain-Specific Approach; based on that, we wrote two conference papers: Bringing ideas from cybernetics to current challenges in AI and Using an Extended Error Matrix to promote transdisciplinary collaboration and jointly work towards social justice.

• 21-23 June 2021: Hosted two workshops at the (virtual) ISPIM 2021 conference: on virtues in Responsible Innovation, and on key elements of Responsible Innovation; I also presented a research-in-progress paper on Transdisciplinary Innovation.

• 5 November 2020: Gave a workshop at PHTR2020, together with Rudy van Belkom of STT, on Tools to integrate ethical deliberation in the design process of Artificial Intelligence systems.
• 5 November 2020: Gave a presentation at PHTR2020, together with TNO colleagues Jurriaan van Diggelen, Nanda van der Stap and Tjerk Timan, on: Exploring ‘Human-Centric’ Approaches to Artificial Intelligence, Using Different Ethical Persepctives to discuss Human-Machine Teaming and Meaningful Human Control in a Military Context.
Using different ethical perspectives to discuss Human-Machine Teaming and Meaningful Human Control in a Military Context

• 25 September 2020: Gave a presentation for Hemingway Professional Governance, in one of their education programs: Innovatie en Ethiek.
Hoe kun je ethiek meenemen in innoveren? Hoe kun je innoveren sturen via ethiek?

• 3 September 2020: Interviewed by André Martinuzzi of Living Innovation, "We should not blindly trust in AI. Instead, we should jointly establish AI that is worthy of our trust."
Video timestamps:
00:00 The Pillars of Responsible Research and Innovation
04:04 Business Ethics in Perspective
05:44 The Strings and Levers of Big Tech
07:29 The European Path to Responsible ICT
09:36 A Window of Opportunity for European Innovation?
12:42 A Life Worth Living
14:18 Virtue Ethics in the Digital Transformation
18:43 Power and Agency in the Age of AI
20:47 Accountability and Explainability are Critical
23:37 How to Built Trustworthy Tech

• 2 July 2020: Presented a paper on Methods and Tools for the Application of the Capability Approach in the Domain of Technology, Innovation and Design at the (virtual) HDCA 2020 conference, co-authored with Rafael Ziegler.
• 9 June 2020: Presented a paper on Organizing Transdisciplinary Innovation Projects at the (virtual) ISPIM 2020 conference, co-authored with Mark Bouman (The Art of Learning) and co-workers Josephine Sassen-Van Meer, Kees Van Dongen, Tanja Vonk (TNO).

• 12 December 2019: Algorithmic Transparency Design Jam, organized by TTC Labs; I participated in a panel, in which I advocated giving people control over the apps they use, e.g., by informing them about potential harms, like screen addiction, before they install the app, and by asking them about their specific goals for using the app each time they use it, so that they can cultivate self-control.
• 7 November 2019: Presentation at 4TU.Ethics Biannual Conference (Eindhoven), on "Wise Policy Making", co-authored with co-workers Josephine Sassen and Kees van Dongen.
• 26 September 2019: Presentation at TEDxHaarlemSalon: Three words of Aristotle help to use Artificial Intelligence wisely. Marc Steen excavates three words of Aristotle and wipes the sand off: Polis (city, to create societies and live together); Telos (purpose; to promote human flourishing); Ethos (virtue; to cultivate virtues, or 'superpowers', to live together and flourish). What are your superpowers?

• 18 September 2019: Presentation at Big Data Expo 2019, Utrecht: We need virtues to guide AI. And Thom van ’t Hek of GoDataDriven interviews Marc Steen and Philip Brey at Big Data Expo 2019, Utrecht:

• 11-12 June 2019: Participated in the LIV_IN (Living Innovation) Virtual conference, with a video interview on Responsible Data Innovation.
• 9 April 2019: Presentation at ESI Symposium, Eindhoven, on Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence.
• 25 March 2019: Gave a Webinar on the Societal and Ethical Impact Canvas, a tool to support Responsible Innovation, for HDCA.
• 21 March 2019: Presentation at HSD Café, The Hague, on Ethics in Big Data and Algorithms.
• 18 March 2019: Presentation at VWData Symposium, Amersfoort, on Transparency of Algorithms. Also a video to present our ideas on "Audit the Algorithm", with Sander Klous:

• 12 March 2019: Presentation (closing keynote) at Big Data Analytics Europe, Rotterdam, on Responsible Data Innovation.
Big Data Analytics Europe, Rotterdam, 12 March 2019.png

• January 2019: Wrote Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI”: To Promote Human Dignity, Agency, and Flourishing, in response to the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence (AI HLEG) Draft Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy AI.

• September-November 2018: A series of invited presentations and workshops on the need for data scientists to cultivate specific technomoral virtues, inspired by Shannon Vallor's 2016 book Technology and the virtues: A Philosophical Guide to a Future Worth Wanting:
- 30 November 2018: a 45 minutes presentation for staff at the University of Amsterdam, Institute for Information Law (IViR).
- 17 November 2018: a 25 minutes presentation for KIVI (The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers) at the HighLight Festival, Delft: "We need virtues to guide Artificial Intelligence in the right direction"

- 30 October 2018: a 15 minutes presentation at the The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science: Responsible Data Entrepreneurship Award, Den Bosch.
- 15 October 2018: a 2-hour workshop for KIVI (The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers), Utrecht.
- 4 October 2018: a 45 minutes presentation for staff at Vrije Universiteit, Data Science, Amsterdam.
- 27 September 2018: a 3 minute pitch at Small Big Data Congress, The Hague (sheet below).
Transparency in algorithms / Cultivating technomoral virtues
- 17 May 2018: a 45 minutes guest lecture at The Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, in a course on ethics of data science, to bachelor students.
• 29 January 2018: Kick-off of the VWData programme, in which I will work on the project 'Responsible Collection and Analysis of Personal Data for Justice and Security' (P4), together with Ibo van de Poel of Delft University of Technology, Remco Boersma of the Ministry of Justice, and Security and others.
• 25 januari 2018: Gave a workshop at the Dutch Police Business Intelligence Day, with Christiaan van den Berg and Mariëlle den Hengst, on Real-Time Intelligence and Practical Ethics (very well-received).

• May-June 2017: Gave two presentations on Responsible Research Innovation (RRI) at international conferences: "Improving Responsible Research and Innovation by connecting to citizens’ ‘untamed participation’" at the 3rd European Technology Assessment Conference (Cork, 18 May 2017); and "Pros and Cons of Organizing Dialogues with Stakeholders in Responsible Research and Innovation" at the XXVIII ISPIM Conference (Vienna, 21 June 2017). Both papers were written in the JERRI project, which aims to improve RRI in Research and Technology Organizations, like TNO and Fraunhofer.
• April 2017: Participated in an international expert-workshop Privacy by Design: Beyond the Screen: (How) Is it Possible?, Lorentz Center (Leiden, 24-28 April 2017).
• March 2017: Gave a series of lectures on 'Ethics in Big Data', at Jheronimus Academy of Data Science (Den Bosch, 7 March), at ING (Amsterdam, 7 March) and at Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek (The Hague, 9 March).

• 12 September 2016: Presentation about Responsible Data Innovation at Small Big Data Congress 2016, Amsterdam ArenA:

• September 2016: Organizing Design-for-Wellbeing projects: Using the Capability Approach, published in Design Issues :-) (this paper was rather long in the making... so I was happy to see it published, finally).
• Summer of 2016: Coordinated the production of a series of introductory videos on Open Innovation, in the SSL-erate project, including two videos in which I appear:

• June 2106: Gave two presentations, with Wim Vanhaverbeke at ISPIM 2016 conference, Porto: Successful Open Innovation Involving SMEs and An "Open Innovation Project Canvas" to support SMEs.
• On April 4, 2016, I acted as a ‘discussant’ in the PhD defence of Andrew Whitcomb, at Gothenburg University. I was invited by Anna Rylander Eklund. She was looking for somebody with expertise on innovation management, co-design, applied ethics, and pragmatism, and she knew my paper Co-Design as a process of joint inquiry and imagination.

• September 2015: 'I am a Luddite--Well, sort of', published. In this short essay, I discuss the application of the Capability Approach in the context of design or innovation projects that aim to promote people's wellbeing. Thank you, Ilse Oosterlaken, for pioneering this application :-)
• May 2015: 'Upon opening the black box and finding it full' published in ST&HV. In this paper I propose that design practices are inherently ethical. My interest in this topic was sparked, years ago, by Langdon Winner's article 'Upon opening the black box and finding it empty' in the same journal. Thank you, Langdon :-)

• 20-21 November 2014: Presented a paper 'Introducing the Capability Approach in research and innovation projects' with Joost van Genabeek, and hosted a workshop 'Focusing innovation projects on promoting well-being: A toolkit' with Helma Luiten, at the International Design and Engineering for Well-being, Agency and Justice Workshop, at Delft University of Technology.
• 3 April 2014: Hosted a workshop on Happiness and Wellbeing, at Chi Sparks 2014, The Hague, in collaboration with Ilse Oosterlaken and Annemarie Mink.

• 11 October 2013: Invited talk "Design for Wellbeing and the Capability Approach" at Closing Conference of the COST IC0904 TWINTIDE project, Bari, Italy.
• 9 May 2013: Participated in a panel on human-centred design, "Bringing users in", at the Future Internet Assembly, Dublin.
• 18 April 2013: Passed the IPMA-D exam for project management.
• 12 March 2013: Awarded a prize for my essay Doelgericht samenwerken aan het oplossen van maatschappelijke problemen en vergroten van welzijn, in an essay competition of the Dutch Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy.

• 19 June 2012: Creative workshop during ISPIM 2012 conference, in which we worked on 'measuring the impact of social innovation projects', Barcelona. Short and informal interview about using technology and innovation to promote people's wellbeing: create just societies in which people can flourish:

• 27 April 2012: Gave a seminar on Exploring the ethics of human-centred design, at the Human-Centred Design Institute at Brunel University, London.

• 27 Sept 2011: Presentatie Innoveren in de zorg door design thinking gegeven op Cliëntenparticipatie 2.0, Utrecht, georganiseerd door Movisie en Vilans.
• Sept 2011: Presented a poster, based on a paper, on applying the capapbility approach to the design of social networking services in the WeCare project, at the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) Conference.
• 31 May 2011: Presented a paper on the ethics of participatory design at the Nordes 2011 Conference, Helsinki.
• 24 May 2011: Invited talk 'Moral questions concerning safety', at ETV-Symposium 'Safety in Tranpsort: Smart Systems Saving Lives', Delft University of Technology.

• 24 September 2010: Workshop at PICNIC, Amsterdam, on Intellectual Property Rights in the Creative Industry, with Pepijn Vos.
• 2 July 2010: Presented a paper on Slow Innovation, co-authored with Steven Dhondt, at EGOS 2010 Colloquium, Lisbon.
• 18 March 2010: Workshop at ICT Delta, The Hague, based on the results of the IIP Create project on collaboration and intellectual property rights, with Pepijn Vos.

• 10 July 2009: Presented a paper on Co-design and Pragmatism, at the 2009 Conference of the Sciety for Philosophy and Technology. I discuss how to understand and organize co-design as a process of inquiry.
• 25 June 2009: Presentatie De mens centraal bij het ontwikkelen van telemedicine toepassingen (service design en user involvement), op Congres Domotica voor de Zorgomgeving.
• 11 June 2009: CHI Netherlands 2009 Conference, which I helped to organize as a member of the programme committe and editor of the conference proceedings.

• 28 November 2008: Defended my doctoral dissertation, 'The fragility of human-centred design', at Delft University of Technology. I wrote this dissertation as a participant in the part-time practitioners' PhD program of the University for Humanistics.
• 18 November 2008: Presentation about Mensgericht ontwerpen van ICT diensten (human-centred design and service design), at Freeband FRUX closing event: Mobiele diensten ontwerpen en exploiteren.
• 2 September 2008: Co-organized a workshop on Co-Design at MobileHCI 2008.
• 11 March 2008: Presentation Patient-centred design in e-Health, at 10e Symposium van het Nationaal Platform e-health.
• 6 February 2008: Presented WeCare at TeleZorg symposium.
• 12 February 2008: Presentation about human-centred design and user involvement, at GSMA Mobile World Congress 2008, Barcelona, in a panel on "It's the User Experience, Stupid!"

Prize winningJune 28, 2007: Presentation about Design for the real world, at Freeband Ambient Communication Event. This proposal for further research was labelled "best" by public vote. "Pleidooi: Design for the real world".
• 21 June 2007: Organizer of a workshop at CHI.NL 2007 conference on early user involvement, with invited participants: Sophie Krier (Rietveld Academy), Froukje Sleeswijk Visser (TU Delft), Dick van Dijk (Waag Society), Remko van der Lugt (Hogeschool Utrecht), Jelle van Dijk (Haagse Hogeschool), Alan Murray (TU/e), Slava Kozlov (Philips Design), Christine De Lille (Favela Fabric) and Bas Raijmakers (Royal College of Art).
• Creative co-design workshops with children, for KPN. Productinnovatie met kinderen.