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Articles in academic, peer-reviewed journals
Open AccessSally Randles, Allison Loconto, Marc Steen: Demonstrating the deep institutionalisation of de facto responsible research and innovation (rri) in participatory market contexts: Examples from Bolivia and the Netherlands, Journal of Responsible Innovation. DOI:/10.1080/23299460.2024.2316365.
Open AccessPaul Hayes, Ibo van de Poel & Marc Steen: Moral transparency of and concerning algorithmic tools, AI and Ethics, 3 (2023), pp. 585–600. DOI:10.1007/s43681-022-00190-4.
Open AccessMarc Steen, Jurriaan van Diggelen, Tjerk Timan & Nanda van der Stap: Meaningful human control of drones: exploring human–machine teaming, informed by four different ethical perspectives, AI and Ethics 3, 1 (2023), 281–293. DOI:10.1007/s43681-022-00168-2.
Open AccessMarc Steen, Martijn Neef, Tamar Schaap: A Method for Rapid Ethical Deliberation in Research and Innovation Projects, International Journal of Technoethics, 12, 2 (2021), 72-85. DOI:10.4018/IJT.2021070106.

Rapid Ethical Deliberation can be applied in different phases of research and innovation, preferably as an integral part of an iterative process

Open AccessMarc Steen, Tjerk Timan, Ibo van de Poel: Responsible Innovation, Anticipation and Responsiveness: Case studies of Algorithms in Decision Support in Justice and Security, and an Exploration of Potential, Unintended, Undesirable, Higher-order Effects, AI and Ethics, 1, 4 (2021), 501-515. DOI:10.1007/s43681-021-00063-2.

Framework for promoting anticipation and responsiveness regarding potential unintended, undesirable, higher-order effects of algorithms
Open AccessMarc Steen: Slow Innovation: The need for reflexivity in Responsible Innovation, Journal of Responsible Innovation, 8, 2 (2021), 254-260. DOI:10.1080/23299460.2021.1904346.
Open AccessMarc Steen, Martin Sand, Ibo Van de Poel: Virtue Ethics for Responsible Innovation, Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 40, 2 (2021), 243-268. DOI:10.5840/bpej2021319108.
Virtue Ethics for Responsible Innovation

Open AccessMarc Steen and Joram Nauta: Advantages and disadvantages of societal engagement: a case study in a research and technology organization, Journal of Responsible Innovation, 7, 3 (2020), 598-619. DOI:10.1080/23299460.2020.1813864.
The organization collaborates with organizations towards shared goals

• Marc Steen: Human-Centred Design and its Inherent Ethical Qualities, in: Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Engineering, Eds. Diane Michelfelder & Neelke Doorn, Taylor and Francis, 2020, pp. 328-341. (Copy for personal and academic use at ResearchGate)
Ethical qualities inherent in Human-Centred Design processes

Open AccessPaul Hayes, Ibo van de Poel and Marc Steen: Algorithms and values in justice and security, AI & Society, 35 (2020), 533-555. DOI:10.1007/s00146-019-00932-9.
Conceptual support of values and potential tensions in implementation
Open AccessLambèr Royakkers and Marc Steen: Developing tools to counteract and prevent suicide bomber incidents: A case study in Value Sensitive Design. Science and Engineering Ethics, 23, 4 (2017), 1041-1058. DOI:10.1007/s11948-016-9832-8.
• Marc Steen: Organizing Design-for-Wellbeing projects: Using the Capability Approach. Design Issues, 32, 4 (2016), 4-15. DOI. (Copy for personal and academic use)
Capability Cards

• Marc Steen: Upon opening the black box and finding it full: Exploring the ethics in design practices. Science, Technology, and Human Values, 40, 3 (2015), 389-420. DOI. (Manuscript, which can be used freely)
• Marc Steen, Jan Buijs and Doug Williams: The role of scenarios and demonstrators in promoting shared understanding in innovation projects, International Journal of Innovation and Technology Management, 11, 1 (2014). DOI. (copy for personal, academic use)
Open AccessMarc Steen: Virtues in participatory design: Cooperation, curiosity, creativity, empowerment and reflexivity, Science and Engineering Ethics, 19, 3 (2013), 945-962. DOI.
• Marc Steen, Jeroen Arendsen, Anita Cremers, Arnoud de Jong, Jacomien de Jong, Nicole de Koning: Using interactive model simulations in co-design: An experiment in urban design, CoDesign, 9, 1 (2013), 2-16. DOI. (copy for personal, academic use)
Open AccessMarc Steen: Co-design as a process of joint inquiry and imagination, Design Issues, 29, 2 (2013), 16-28. DOI.
• Marc Steen: Human-centred design as a fragile encounter, Design Issues, 28, 1 (2012), 72-80. DOI. (copy for personal, academic use)
• Marc Steen: Reflexive practice in human-centred design, Zoontechnica, 1, 1 (2011).
• Marc Steen: Tensions in human-centred design, CoDesign, 7, 1 (2011), 45-60. DOI. (copy for personal, academic use)
Open AccessMarc Steen, Menno Manschot and Nicole de Koning: Benefits of co-design in service design projects, International Journal of Design, 5, 2 (2011), 53-60.
• Nico Pals, Marc Steen, David Langley and Joke Kort: Three approaches to take the user perspective into account during new product design, International Journal of Innovation Management, 12, 3 (2008), 275-294. DOI.

Articles in professional journals or magazines
• Marc Steen: The problem with the Trolley Problem and the need for Systems Thinking, Communications of the ACM, 67, 6 (2024). (DOI)
• Marc Steen and Jim Euchner: Ethics for Technologists: A Conversation with Marc Steen, Research-Technology Management, 66, 6 (2023), 15-20. Copy for personal, academic use.
• Marc Steen, series of articles in Computer Weekly: Ethics as a process of reflection and deliberation, 8 Aug 2023; Alternative perspectives: relational and virtue ethics in tech, 22 Aug 2023; Ethical perspectives on ChatGPT, 4 Sept 2023. (These three articles are available for personal, academic use)
Open AccessMarc Steen: Ethics as a participatory and iterative process, Communications of the ACM, 66, 5 (2023), 27-29. (DOI)
Ethics as a participatory and iterative process

Open AccessMarc Steen: Learning From Indigenous Cultures, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 41, 4 (2022), 39-43. (DOI)
• Marc Steen, Maurice Van Beurden, Jenny De Boer: How people are critical to the success of big data. Tijdschrift voor Human Factors, 41, 1 (2016), 5-8.
• Marc Steen: I am a Luddite--Well, sort of. interactions (ACM), 22, 5 (2015), 18-19. (copy for personal, academic use)
Open AccessMarc Steen and Ibo van de Poel: Making values explicit during the design process, IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, 31, 4 (2012), 63-72. DOI. (copy for personal, academic use)

Chapters and miscellaneous
• Marc Steen: Understanding Citizen Concerns Surrounding Security Technologies, blog post from the TRANSCEND project.
• Marc Steen: ELSA-in-a-box; a framework to integrate ethical, legal, and societal aspects in the development and deployment of AI systems, blog post from the AI-MAPS project.
• Marc Steen: Transdisciplinary Innovation is not simple; three things you may need to consider, blog post from the AI-MAPS project.
• Jurriaan van Diggelen, Karel van den Bosch, Mark Neerincx, Marc Steen: Designing for Meaningful Human Control in Military Human-Machine Teams, in Research Handbook on Meaningful Human Control of Artificial Intelligence Systems. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023.

Book review of Human-Centered AI by Ben Shneiderman Book review of Privacy is Power by Carissa Véliz Book review of Technology and the Virtues by Shannon Vallor
Book review of Ben Shneiderman's 'Human-Centered AI', Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation, 38 (2), 2022, 262-265.
Book review of Carissa Véliz' Privacy is Power: Why and how You should take back control of your data, International Journal of Technoethics, 12 (2), 2021, 98-101.
Book review of Shannon Vallor's 'Technology and the Virtues: A Philosophical Guide to a Future Worth Wanting', Journal of Moral Philosophy, 18 (1), 2021, 87-90. (Manuscript)

• Kristoffer Lidén, with Ben Hayes and Marc Steen: Norms and Ethics in Security Preparedness, with a report of a workshop with cybersecurity experts, exploring creative solutions (pp. 44-53); Blog post about this workshop.
• Marc Steen: Social media, public safety and virtues, blog post from the Media4SEC project; longer version.
• Marc Steen, Mari Ervasti, Marja Harjumaa, Sarah Bourke, Victor Hernandez, Marlou Min, Sharon Prins: "WeCare: Cooperating with older people in the design and evaluation of online social networking services", in Nuno Garcia, Joel Rodrigues, Dirk Elias, Miguel Dias (Eds.): Ambient Assisted Living, CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 2015, pp. 647-676. Copy for personal, academic use.
• Jenny De Boer, Marc Steen, Emma Van Sandick: Organizing innovation for Base-of-the-Pyramid projects (2012), TNO Report.
• Marc Steen: A social perspective: On empowerment, flourishing, cooperation and creativity (2012), Commentary on "Disruptive Innovation" by Clayton Christensen.
• "Methods for human-centred service design" and "Service domain refinement", in: Edward Faber and Henny De Vos (Eds.): Creating Successful ICT-Services: Practical guidelines based on the STOF method, Freeband Communication, Enschede, 2008, pp. 33-58 and 89-98.
• Marc Steen, Ronald van Eijk, Nicole de Koning, Erik Reitsema: "A we-centric telecom service for police officers to support communication", in: Enterprise Information Systems, Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Vol. 12, Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer, 2008, pp. 357-365. (ISBN 9783540887096)
• Mark de Reuver and Marc Steen: "A we-centric service: The PolicePointer", in: Harry Bouwman, Henny De Vos, Timber Haaker (Eds.): Mobile Service Innovation and Business Models, Berlin / Heidelberg: Springer, 2008, pp. 179-190. (ISBN 9783540792376)
• Marc Steen: "High-tech meets end-user", in: Dariusz Jemielniak and Jerzy Kociatkiewicz (Eds.): Management Practices in High Tech Environments, IGI Global, 2008, pp. 75-93 (ISBN 9781599045641), and in: Steve Clarke (Ed.): Evolutionary Concepts in End User Productivity and Performance, IGI Global, 2008, pp. 302-320 (ISBN 9781605661360).

Dutch Op-eds (opinions in Dutch newspapers)
• Marc Steen: Discussie over transparantie van algoritmen blijft nodig, Het Parool, 18 July 2020.

• Marc Steen: Gebruik kunstmatige intelligentie voor behalen maatschappelijke doeleinden, in Het Financieele Dagblad, 27 July 2018, page 9. Translated into English: Use artificial intelligence to achieve societal goals.
Gebruik kunstmatige intelligentie voor behalen maatschappelijke doeleinden

Interview about this op-ed on National Radio (NPO Radio 1, 28 July 2018, 9:00 AM): Fairtrade algoritmen.

• Marc Steen: Kunstmatige Intelligentie en waardigheid, in Friesch Dagblad, 11 August 2018, page 8.
Kunstmatige Intelligentie en waardigheid

• Marc Steen: Trek op tijd de stekker uit alledaagse artificiële intelligentie, in De Volkskrant, 28 June 2018, page 24. Translated into English: Find the plugs of your robots.
Vind de stekkers van uw robots

• Marc Steen: Wees op je hoede, want ook algoritmen maken fouten, in Trouw, 23 June 2018, page 27. Translated into English: Algorithms also make mistakes.
Ook algoritmen maken fouten

Dutch Articles in Dutch
• Marc Steen, Rechten van de natuur, Nederlands Juristenblad 2024/1304, 21, pp. 1627-1632.
Rechten van de natuur

• Marc Steen, Ethische aspecten bij het ontwikkelen en toepassen van AI: Een methode voor reflectie en deliberatie, Justitiele Verkenningen 50(1) (2024), pp. 109-126. (doi: 10.5553/JV/016758502024050001008)
• Marc Steen, Burgerberaad op decentraal niveau, Nederlands Juristenblad 2024/624, 11, pp. 747-752.
Burgerberaad op decentraal niveau

• Marc Steen: Hoe navigeer je op weg naar ethiek in AI?, TNO Insights (oktober 2023).
• Marc Steen, series of articles in AG Connect:
Zo pas je ethiek praktisch toe, AG Connect (3) 2023, pp. 14-17;
Zo pas je ethiek praktisch toe

Relatie-ethiek en deugdethiek voor AI, AG Connect (5) 2023, pp. 42-45;
Relatie-ethiek en deugdethiek voor AI

Vier ethische perspectieven op ChatGPT, AG Connect (7), 2023, pp. 42-45;
Vier ethische perspectieven op ChatGPT

De kracht van systeemdenken in IT, AG Connect (8), 2023, pp. 78-81.
De kracht van systeemdenken in IT

• Marc Steen: Hoe ontwikkel je een ethisch kompas?, iBestuur, 17 April 2023.
• Marc Steen: Privacy gaat over meer dan privacy, De Ingenieur, April 2022.
• Marlies de Baare: De nieuwe "slimme bril" van Facebook en Ray-Ban: een vloek of een zegen?, Red Pers, 10 oktober 2021 (interview about the collaboration between Facebook and Ray-Ban).
• Op TNO.NL: Interview: 4 vragen over zelfrijdende auto's aan ethiek expert.
• Op TNO.NL: Hoe AI orde kan scheppen in de corona-verwarring.
• Jerôme Lam and Marc Steen: Waarom burgers meedoen in het veiligheidsdomein in Secondant, 16 januari 2020.
Technologie is niet iets wat ons overkomt, in Volzin, oktober 2019, pp. 28-31.
Volzin, oktober 2019, pp 28-31
• Marc Steen: Aristoteles in tijden van AI: Deugdethiek als richtsnoer voor digitalisering, De Ingenieur, mei 2019. Translated into English: Aristotle in times of AI.
Aristoteles in tijden van AI
• Marc Steen, Lisette de Koning, José Kerstholt, Bart Koopmans, Daan van Eeden: Werken aan de veerkracht van burgers, Secondant, 10 mei 2019.
• Marc Steen and Arnout de Vries: Ethische vragen rondom WhatsApp-buurtpreventie, Secondant, 13 maart 2019.
• Marc Steen: We hebben deugden nodig voor ethische algoritmes, iBestuur, januari 2019. Translated into English: We need virtues for ethical algorithms.

We hebben deugden nodig voor ethische algoritmes

• Marc Steen: "Empowerment en welzijn", in Diagnose zorginnovatie: Over technologie en ondernemerschap, Philip Idenburg en Michel van Schaik. Scriptum, 2013, pp. 385-386.
• Marc Steen: Doelgericht samenwerken aan het oplossen van maatschappelijke problemen en vergroten van welzijn, in Kennissamenleving: de samenleving aan zet (pp. 34-44). Den Haag: Adviesraad voor het Wetenschaps- en Technologiebeleid, 2013.
Prize winningSelected as one of the best essays in a competition by the Dutch Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy.
• Marc Steen: "Er was eens een workshop (over zelfredzaamheid)", in Steven Dhondt en Peter Oeij (Red.), Sociale innovatie doe je zelf, 2012, pp. 99-105.
• Marc Steen: Innoveren in de zorgsector door "design thinking", M&O, Tijdschrift voor Management en Organisatie, Nr. 3, mei/juni 2011, pp. 5-16.
• Marc Steen en Pepijn Vos: "Innoveren door dialoog", in: Fietje Vaas en Peter Oeij (Red.), Innovatie die Werkt. Den Haag: Boom | Lemma, 2011, pp. 179-200. (ISBN 9789059316294)
• Marc Steen: "De ontwerper is dood. Leve de ontwerper!", in: Valerie Frissen en Jos de Mul (Red.), De draagbare lichtheid van het bestaan. Het alledaagse gezicht van de informatiesamenleving. Kampen: Klement, 2008, pp. 86-96. (ISBN 9789086870301)
Illustraties bij "De ontwerpers is dood"
Illustraties bij dit essay

• Marc Steen, Louis Neven en Ton Meijknecht: "Over het geloof van een ingenieur", in: Michiel van Well (Red): Deus et Machina: De verwevenheid van technologie en religie. Den Haag: Stichting Toekomstbeeld der Techniek, 2008, pp. 388-393. (ISBN 9789080961357)
• Ronald van Eijk, Nicole de Koning, Marc Steen en Henny Gunther: WijkWijzer: mobiel kennis delen tussen agenten, Het Tijdschrift voor de Politie, 2007 (jaargang 69, nummer 4), p. 14-17.
• Marc Steen: "Open voor eindgebruikers", in: Open stellingen: Essays over Open innovatie. Adviesraad voor het Wetenschaps- en Technologiebeleid (, 2006, pp. 49-55. (ISBN 9077005331)
Prize winningAwarded first prize in a competition by the Dutch Advisory Council for Science and Technology Policy. In English: "Open to end-users".
• Marc Steen: "Andere innovatie: Essay over innoveren waarin onderzoekers en ontwikkelaars meer open kunnen staan voor de ander". Paper gepresenteerd op: 26e Nederlands -Vlaamse Filosofiedag, 6 Nov 2004, Utrecht, Universiteit voor Humanistiek. (Sheets)
• Timber Haaker, Henny de Vos & Marc Steen: "Van idee naar succesvolle samenwerking: Freeband Business Blauwdruk Methode", in: Management Executive, 2004, Vol.2 , Nr.5, sept/okt, pp. 33-36.
• Marc Steen, Nicole de Koning & Arlette Pikaart: "Mensgerichte innovatie", in: SIGCHI.NL Lustrummagazine, Juni 2004, vakblad voor human-computer interactie,
• Marc Steen: "Ideeën over duurzame telecommunica", in: O2 Magazine, Mei 2004, pp.22-28,

Practical handbooks or manuals
• Marc Steen: Wellbeing and the capability approach, TNO, 2022.
• Marc Steen: Methods and tools for dialogue support, TNO, 2022.
• Mark Bouman, Josephine Sassen, Marc Steen, Tanja Vonk: Towards transdisciplinary work: a short guide to transdisciplinary work (TDW) and its relevance for TNO, TNO, 2022.
• Marc Steen and Wim Vanhaverbeke: The 'Open Innovation Project Canvas' for SMEs. In Researching Open Innovation in SMEs (pp. 429–454), eds. Wim Vanhaverbeke, Federico Frattini, Nadine Roijakkers and Muhammad Usman. World Scientific, 2018.
• Marc Steen and others: Open Innovation Toolkit, with the Open Innovation Project Canvas
Open Innovation Project Canvas

• Marc Steen, Jenny de Boer: Team Vision: How to develop a shared vision in multidisciplinary teams, in Orchestrating Innovation (pp. 49-56), TNO, 2015.
• Marc Steen, Jenny de Boer: Focus: How to keep focus on 'the big picture' of innovation, in Orchestrating Innovation (pp. 57-64), TNO, 2015.
• Marc Steen, Wolfje van Dijk, Jenny de Boer: Iterations: How to evaluate solutions early in the development process, in Orchestrating Innovation (pp. 65-73), TNO, 2015.
Recommendations for developing online social networking services for older people, 2012.

Reports from JERRI (Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation)
JERRI project (Joining Efforts for Responsible Research and Innovation)
• Benjamin Teufel, Ralf Lindner, Bruno Gransche, Kerstin Goos (Fraunhofer ISI), Joram Nauta, Marc Steen, Sophie Emmert, Anne Joignant (TNO): Synthesis on existing RRI practices (D1.1), JERRI project, 2016.
• Joram Nauta, Marc Steen, Suzanne Ogier, Jan Kleberg, Greet Leegwater: Concept on organizational RRI goal development: How we set goals (D3.1), JERRI project, 2017.
• Marc Steen and Joram Nauta (editors): Description of specified RRI goals at TNO (D3.2), JERRI project, 2017.
• Joram Nauta, Marc Steen (editors): Discussion paper on the analysis of organizational barriers (TNO) (D5.1), JERRI project, 2018.
• Joram Nauta, Marc Steen, Reijer Gaasterland, Suzanne Ogier, Sophie Emmert, Katarina Putnik: Transformative RRI action plan for TNO (D5.2), JERRI project, 2018.
• Joram Nauta, Marc Steen, Reijer Gaasterland, Suzanne Ogier, Sophie Emmert, Katarina Putnik: TNO implementation report (D7.1), JERRI project, 2019.
• Joram Nauta, Marc Steen, Reijer Gaasterland, Suzanne Ogier, Sophie Emmert, Katarina Putnik: Review of RRI action plans (D7.2), JERRI project, 2019.
• Philine Warnke, Andreas Röss, Benjamin Teufel, Marc Steen, Joram Nauta: Lessons learned for goal development (D10.2), JERRI project, 2017.
• Philine Warnke, Marc Steen and others: RTO Engagement Manual (D10.3), JERRI project, 2019.

Doctoral dissertation
• Marc Steen: The fragility of human-centred design, Delft University of Technology. Delft University Press, 2008 (ISBN 9781586039417).
The fragility of human-centred design, PhD thesis by Marc Steen

I studied how researchers and designers in human-centred design balance their attempts to move towards others (users and fellow project-team members) and towards openness (learning and creating new things) with their tendencies to stay close to the self (their own ideas, knowledge, methods and skills) and to create closure (to draw conclusions and to deliver results).

Popular articles about my doctoral dissertation:
Starten bij de gebruiker, in ICTzorg, Sept-Okt 2009.
Podcast van (Design for digital User eXperience), door Xander Roozen (PoDdUX02_MarcSteen.mp3).
Jan Kees van der Veen: "Consumenten krijgen het steeds meer voor het zeggen", in Het Financieele Dagblad, 28 januari 2009.
Jos Wassink: "Senseo denken voor ontwerpers", in TUDelta (tijdschrift van TU Delft), 27 November 2008.

Conference papers
• Marc Steen, Jurriaan van Diggelen, Marlijn Heijnen, Friso van Houdt, Robin van den Akker, and Leanne Cochrane: Practitioners’ reflections on organizing Transdisciplinary Innovation, to be presented at Forum on Philosophy, Engineering and Technology, 19 April 2023.
• Marc Steen, Tjerk Timan, Steven Vethman: Using an Extended Error Matrix to promote transdisciplinary collaboration and jointly work towards social justice, presented at ESDiT 2022 conference, 6-7 October, Leiden.
• Marc Steen, Jurriaan Van Diggelen, Tjerk Timan: Bringing ideas from cybernetics to current challenges in AI, presented at the first International Conference on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence, 13-17 June, Amsterdam.
• Marc Steen and Josephine Sassen: Transdisciplinary Innovation: Finding a participatory, longitudinal, action-oriented research methodology, presented at ISPIM 2022, 6-8 June, Copenhagen and online.
• Marc Steen, Josephine Sassen, Menno Hinkema, Heleen Wortelboer: Transdisciplinary Innovation Projects: A Case Study of Systems Thinking; Working not only on Content, but also on Context and Process, presented at ISPIM 2021.
• Marc Steen and Rafael Ziegler: Methods and Tools for the Application of the Capability Approach in the Domain of Technology, Innovation and Design presented at HDCA 2020.
• Marc Steen, Mark Bouman, Josephine Sassen-Van Meer, Kees Van Dongen, Tanja Vonk: Organizing Transdisciplinary Innovation Projects, presented at ISPIM 2020.
• Marc Steen, Josephine Sassen, Kees van Dongen: "Wise Policy Making", presented at 4TU.Ethics Biannual Conference, Eindhoven, 7 November 2019.
• Marc Steen, Martin Sand and Ibo van de Poel: Responsible Innovation and Virtue Ethics, 2019 ISPIM Conference, Florence, 16-19 June 2019.
• Marc Steen, Joram Nauta, Reijer Gaasterland and Suzanne Ogier: Institutionalizing Responsible Research and Innovation: Case Studies, 2018 ISPIM Conference, Stockholm, 17-20 June 2018.
• Marc Steen: Improving Responsible Research and Innovation by connecting to citizens' 'untamed participation', 3rd European Technology Assessment Conference, Cork, 18 May 2017.
• Marc Steen, Joram Nauta and Suzanne Ogier: "Pros and Cons of Organizing Dialogues with Stakeholders in Responsible Research and Innovation", 2017 ISPIM Conference , Vienna, 21 June 2017 (sheets).
• Marc Steen and Wim Vanhaverbeke: Successful Open Innovation Involving SMEs, ISPIM 2016 conference, Porto, 20 June 2016.
• Marc Steen and Wim Vanhaverbeke: An "Open Innovation Project Canvas" to support SMEs, ISPIM 2016 conference, Porto, 21 June 2016.
• Marc Steen and Joost van Genabeek: Introducing the Capability Approach in research and innovation projects, presented at the International Design and Engineering for Well-being, Agency and Justice Workshop, at Delft University of Technology, 20-21 November 2014.
• Marc Steen and Helma Luiten: Focusing innovation projects on promoting well-being: A toolkit, presented at the International Design and Engineering for Well-being, Agency and Justice Workshop, at Delft University of Technology, 20-21 November 2014.
• Jenny de Boer, Marc Steen and Bineke Posthumus: Six methodological guidelines for organizing inclusive innovation in BOP projects. Presented at AIE conference Oxford, August 2013.
• Marc Steen, Olav Aarts, Carlijn Broekman: Benefits of human-centred design in open innovation projects. Presented at 2012 ISPIM Conference, Barcelona, 17-20 June 2012.
• Marc Steen: Cooperation, Curiosity and Creativity as Virtues in Participatory Design. In Proceedings of Desire'11, Creativity and Innovation in Design (Eindhoven, 19-21 October 2011), New York: ACM Press.
• Marc Steen, Olav Aarts, Carlijn Broekman, Sharon Prins: Social Networking for Well-Being. Paper for 'Fostering Social Interactions in the Ageing Society' workshop at ECSCW 2011 Conference, Aarhus, 24-28 September 2011.
• Marc Steen, Olav Aarts, Carlijn Broekman, Sharon Prins: Social networking services for older people's well-being: An example of applying the capability approach. Paper for HDCA (Human Development and Capabilities Association) Conference 2011, The Hague, 6-8 September 2011. (Poster).
• Marc Steen: "Upon opening the black box of participatory design and finding it filled with ethics". In Proceedings of Nordes 2011 (Nordic Design Research Conference), Helsinki, 29-31 May 2011, pp. 162-170 (Sheets).
• Marc Steen and Steven Dhondt: "Slow Innovation". Presented at 26th EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) Colloquium, Lisbon, 1-3 July 2010.
• Co-editor of Proceedings of the 13th CHI Nederland Conference, Leiden, 11 June 2009.
• Marc Steen: "Co-design and Pragmatism". Presented at the 16th biennial conference of the Society for Philosophy and Technology, Enschede, 7-10 July 2009. (sheets)
• Marc Steen, Nicole de Koning and Sonoko Takahashi: "Innovating together with users: Taking the organizational context into account". Presented at ISPIM 2009, Vienna, 21-24 June 2009.
• Marc Steen: "Human-Centred Design: An Other View", in: Abstracts of the Workshop on Philosophy and Engineering 2007, Delft University of Technology, 29-31 October 2007. (Was input for dissertation, chapter 6.)
• Marc Steen, Lottie Kuijt-Evers and Jente Klok: "Early user involvement in research and design projects: A review of methods and practices". Presented at 23rd EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies) Colloquium, Vienna, July 5-7, 2007. (Was input for dissertation, chapter 2.)
• Marc Steen: Writing about writing a thesis about a practice in which I work myself: "You are your own lab rat". Presented at CMS (Critical Management Studies) 2007 conference. (Sheets) (Was input for dissertation, chapters 3 and 6.)
• Marc Steen: "Our need is to do something about that problem": Studying how researchers and developers interact with informal carers during an innovation project. Presented at EASST (European Association for the Study of Science and Technology) 2006 Conference, Lausanne, 23-26 August 2006. (Sheets) (Was input for dissertation, chapter 5.)
• Marc Steen: "We don't want woollen trousers": Studying how researchers and developers interact with police officers during an innovation project, in: Proceedings of SCOS 2006 Conference, pp. 644-666, Nijmegen, 13-15 July 2006. (Sheets) (Was input for dissertation, chapter 4.)
• Marc Steen: "Wow Experiences: When People Use ICT", in: Proceedings of DPPI 05, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, 24-28 Oct 2005, pp.29-42.
• Marc Steen, Ronald van Eijk, Henny Gunther, Sander Hooreman and Nicole de Koning: "We-centric services for police officers and informal carers", in: Proceedings of SIGCHI.NL 2005 Conference, The Hague, 13 Oct 2005. New York: ACM Press.
• Ronald van Eijk and Marc Steen: "Location-Awareness and Privacy in We-Centric Services", in: Proceedings of Workshop on Location Awareness and Community at the ECSCW 2005 Conference, 18-24 Sept 2005, Paris.
• Marc Steen: "Reading Microserfs: a story of research and development as a search for identity", in: Proceedings of SCOS 2005 Conference, Stockholm, 8-10 July 2005, pp. 220-232.
• Marc Steen, Nicole de Koning & Arlette Pikaart: "Exploring human centred approaches in market research and product development: Three case studies", in: Proceedings of SIGCHI.NL 2004 Conference, Amsterdam, 10 June 2004. New York: ACM Press.
• Marc Steen: Exploring human-centred approaches to market research and concept development for creating more value with ICT, in: Proceedings of COST269 conference, Helsinki, Sept 3-5, 2003. Media Lab UIAH, Helsinki, 2003, pp. 427-431. (Sheets)
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