I am interested in the ways in which innovation and technology can contribute to creating a just society (e.g., freedom, fairness, democracy) and promoting people's flourishing (living meaningful and fulfilling lives). If you have similar interests, please feel free to contact me.

Marc currently (2020) writes a book on applied/professional ethics, targeted at people who work in tech: computer and data scientists, software developers and engineers, designers, and people in marketing and management roles; see: ethicsforpeoplewhoworkintech.com.

Ethics for people who work in tech.com
Photo credit: Steve Johnson on Unsplash.

Older blogs and blog posts can be found here:

Dear Engineer, everything you need to know about ethics but ar too busy to ask, e.g., to support fellow researchers, developers, designers and engineers in cultivating techno-moral virtues, by presenting and discussing 'exemplars';
Dear Engineer, everything you always wanted to know about ethics but were too busy to ask
Exemplars of Technomoral Virtues

Responsible Data Innovation: Taking into account ethical and societal concerns in big data, algorithms and artificial intelligence, e.g., to share results from the VWData research programme;
Responsible Data Innovation
Tranpsarency of Algorithms

Innovation for Wellbeing: Making innovation projects contribute to creating a just society and promoting people's flourishing, e.g., to share results from the JERRI project and provide practical tools.
Innovation for Wellbeing
Societal and Ethical Impact Canvas